Around the World
in 176 Days !

We have dreamt about travelling around the world for years and now is the time to turn this dream into reality, accompanied by our two daughters Gaelle (7 when leaving) and Sophie (who will turn 5 in Australia).

We have primarily created this web site in order to keep in touch with family and friends whilst we are travelling. We will periodically post diary entries and photos on the site. We will try our best to keep the diary entries in both French and English so that everyone can share our experiences with us. Please click on Diary on the left hand menu to follow our adventures.

We will also maintain pages, with the help of our girls for them to keep in contact with their teachers and fellow students at school. These pages can be viewed through School in the left hand menu.

Our aventures around the world start on December 31st and will last for 6 months.

We hope you enjoy following our travels !

Jenny, Francois, Gaelle & Sophie